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Moving Apps to Help You Move

Moving Apps to Help You MoveIt’s a known fact that moving is not fun or easy work.  Fortunately, it’s 2018 and there are some great new tools/apps out there that give the everyday consumer some piece of mind during their move.  Technology for relocation has come a long way and is truly helping provide a… Read More ▸

Tips on Why, When, Where and How to Hold a Moving/Yard Sale

Tips on Why, When, Where and How to Host a Moving Sale.Why Hold A Garage Sale Before Your MoveYou’re about to move and along with that comes the task of moving all your stuff. Now is a great time to decide what you will keep and move with you and items you don’t want. Having a garage sale… Read More ▸

Kean University

Lowy’s Moving Service has partnered with BFI  , a Herman Miller Office Furniture Dealer,  yet again, to deliver and install all of the furniture for the brand new freshman dorm at Kean University. The furniture in these rooms include: twin beds, wardrobe closets, dressers, desks, nightstands, kitchen tables and chairs.  This three week project includes; Project management, storage,… Read More ▸

How To Transport House Plants

Moving is stressful enough so don’t add extra worry when  relocating your houseplants. Take a look at our easy steps- which explain how to move them. Remember, preparation is key – If you take the time to prepare your plants for the move, you can continue enjoying them for months or years to come.CONSIDER WHETHER… Read More ▸

Why Our Customer's Love Lowy's Moving Service

They were all very polite and extremely helpful. They definitely took the stress out of “moving day”! Very entertaining crew. In a professional way. Our family thanks you.

- Colleen B.

Pricing came in just about as estimated, the pack crew and move crews were great. Pleasant, mannerly, great work ethic

- Mike H.

All of the crew were kind, respectful and worked very very hard. I don’t think they ever took a full lunch hour. Chris was a true Captain and kept everyone on task including me. He and his team were very professional and good men who got the job done on time! I was kind of sad to say goodbye to them when the move was over. Thanks guys!

- Elizabeth S.

The team we had was the best. They showed up on time and completed the job early. The crew not only were prepared to move my items but had extra boxes for items I forgot to pack (i.e. pictures, mops, and small items). Anything I asked, they provided. They were a humorous bunch that made the emotional detachment from my home more tolerable. They were a pleasure!

- Patricia M

They went above and beyond, especially with a challenge of a queen box spring not fitting down a stair case. Lowys came very highly recommended to me. They lived up to every expectation.

- Joann W.
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