Office Move Timeline Checklist

November 14, 2018 1:47 pm

Office Move Timeline Checklist: For Employers & Employees

Moving can feel like a lot when it’s just your household—Imagine adding an entire workforce and workplace to the mix.   Fortunately, Lowy’s Moving Service knows everything there is to know about relocating an office, commercial business, or warehouse.

We’ve created this Timeline/checklist to help prepare your business, staff and employees for the big day.

Several Months Beforehand

At this stage in the relocation, you should focus on choosing key people within the company who will be coordinating the move. There should also be a plan for final layout and design of the new location.

  • Involve your IT department to begin planning the transition of technical infrastructure, including: computers, projectors, smart accessories, telephones, network equipment, internet, etc.
  • Consider working with an interior design firm or architect to plan the layout and design of your new location, along with any construction contractors.
  • Create a full list of furniture and related items that will be relocating to the new office. Based off this list, you can start ordering new or replacement parts if needed.

Two Months Beforehand

At this point, focus should be on finalizing building arrangements with new landlord and notifying any business partners of the upcoming move.

  • Confirm your move date and arrangements with your mover.
  • Notify all vendors and suppliers of your change in address, scheduling a true transition date for the switch.
  • Start ordering new business cards, brochures, pamphlets and other items with the new address and contact information.
  • Finalize design and construction plans with contractors and vendors.
  • Confirm that orders for equipment and furniture are on-schedule and completed. 

One Month Beforehand

One month out, you need to complete all communication efforts for move day.

  • Inform your customers or clients of the move, with a move date for the new address.
  • Finalize scheduled transition with all vendors and utilities, taking care to ensure electrical and network suppliers are scheduled before the actual move date to allow technical staff to set up equipment as necessary.
  • Bring up security concerns with your landlord or new management, including keys, key codes, alarm codes and other facility access matters.
  • Confirm your move coordinators have clear plans for moving day, including which employees will move on what date, and how their relocation will be managed.

Two Weeks Beforehand

Now you can begin focusing on the details of the actual move.

  • Meet with your Lowy’s project manager to confirm all details.
  • Finalize seating charts and furniture locations.
  • Confirm with IT department all technical, facility and utility matters are scheduled based off move plan.
  • Confirm with the new landlord or building manager that the building is prepared to turn on your new utilities.
  • Create an emergency point of contact list that can be distributed to your moving company, vendors and staff to use if necessary.
  • Schedule a post move date with your moving company. This will include a few movers a day or two after the move to assist in rearranging items throughout the office.  This can also include disposal of items from the old or new location.
  • Send communication to staff and employees with details of the move. 

Moving Day

  • Follow the plans and procedures laid out by your moving company to perform the move. This will ensure a smooth, safe and efficient relocation.

After the Move

  • Work with your moving company to handle any disposal needs at the old or new locations.
  • Unpack and return any moving crates to or equipment to your moving company.
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